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Utilizing our in depth knowledge of international best practice and emerging technologies in the field of waste and environment, coupled with a detailed understanding of the local markets, ECOMENA provides bespoke, innovative solutions to the Environmental issues currently faced by governments and private organizations within the Gulf Cooperation Council  (GCC) region  .

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values are the drivers behind our passion and success, they are the corner
stones and bridge between our team, clients and business partners.


ECOMENA’s mission is to assist our clients and partners in adapting world class proven solutions and technologies in the Gulf Cooperation Council – GCC growing environmental challenges. 


ECOMENA’s vision is to become one of the GCC most valued environmental and waste management partner of choice to colleagues, investors, and business partners through initiating strategic and attractive Ventures, Investments & Partnerships.


We as an Organization and as individuals value honesty, integrity, innovation, continual self-improvement and mutual respect. We are a trusted advocate for all environment issues faced in the GCC. 


The Ecomena Management team are specialists in the development of practical, cost effective solutions to waste and environmental issues with a specific focus on the Gulf region. We combine knowledge of the range of local and international standards, best practice guidelines and market leading environmental process technology with a highly developed network of local operators and consultants to provide a bespoke range of solutions to environmental issues, specifically tailored to the vision and requirements of our clients.


Global, Professional Services Addressing Local Needs.

Utilizing our in depth knowledge of international best practice and emerging technologies in the field of waste and environment, coupled with a detailed understanding of the local markets, Ecomena provides bespoke, innovative solutions to the Environmental issues currently faced by governments and private organizations within the Gulf region.
Ecomena are focussed on leveraging our technical knowledge and practical experience in order to provide practical, effective solutions to environmental problems.
We are able to provide a full range of feasibility, startup, operational support and partnering services to develop and implement practical environmental solutions within our partner sites. In addition, we work with international technology providers to develop and implement geographically specific solutions to waste and environmental issues for the region.
As an independent entity, Ecomena are able to work with a number of technology providers within one project. By combining multiple pieces of proven equipment within our approach, we are able to ensure that the process provided is tailored to the local market and local & regional regulations, and provides the best possible solution to the problem.


At Ecomena, we provide a range of services which are tailored to the needs of our clients and the region.

We know that there are some brilliant products around the world which, for some reason, have not yet made it into the Gulf market.

Working and living in the Gulf region, we also know that there are specific needs, desires and opportunities which have not been addressed in the region.

Our goal is to fit your technology or service into the right location, at the right time. There are numerous companies who provide representation services for international companies within the region. We are not one of these.

Ecomena strive to provide something different.

  • If you have a technology or offering which deserves to be talked about, we will find the right people to talk to.

  • If you have an idea but don’t know where to turn, we can give you directions..

  • If you KNOW that your product is superior but don’t know how to communicate effectively with the local market, we will be your translators.

At Ecomena we provide a tangible link between your business and the local market.

We choose the best products and services around the globe which can bring value to GCC culture. We carefully select and choose our partners who share our vision and values in our selected sectors.

We represent them for their Product, Services and unmatched support.

If you are looking for something more than just a gateway into the Gulf markets, Ecomena will provide you with the assistance to establish yourself in the region.
We manage the link between like minded local business people and international providers to create strategic alliances for your business. With a wide network of potential investors and partners, Ecomena match our partners with your business to ensure that all parties share a common interest in the success of your product.
We do not only provide access to potential partners, we provide access to the RIGHT partner.
If your product is ready to change the world, we can help you to change it from here! There is a growing market for development of manufacturing capability in the GCC region and governmental assistance may be available to those adventurers who are looking to expand. Ecomena provides advice and assistance in the establishment of manufacturing facilities in the GCC region.

We can assist you in overcoming the regulatory and legislative hurdles of establishing a new production facility in our region. We have knowledge of local regulation and legislation, support industries, construction and fabrication facilities who may be able to help you get on your feet and, above all, we can provide a friendly ear and advice when it all seems to be a little bit too hard.

ECOMENA select our manufacturing projects based on the needs of the industrial & business sector in GCC. If you believe that your business fits some of the criteria below, we would love to speak to you to see if we can help.

– First of its kind in the region.
– Availability of local resources, feedstock, raw materials for the project.
– Local production of products which are currently imported
– Local manufacture of materials for export.
– Improvement of the local region and community.
– Comparative advantage for national or regional development.


The GCC region is aware that the economy of each of the GCC member states needs to diversify away from dependency on Oil and Gas revenues.
Additionally, the rise in awareness of the environmental costs of business has driven a desire for each economy in the region to become more sustainable.
Ecomena believe that the combination of these factors makes the GCC region a great place to grow your business.
For some interesting background to the long term goals of the regional governments, we have provided some links below which we think will give you an idea of the current direction of the region.
If you think that your company or product can help the GCC to reach these goals then we would love to speak to you.

This initiative aims to reinforce the communication value of credibility in passing information, impressions and feedback


Charting economic and social progress in modern societies depends on a clear vision and a strategy about how to get there.


The National Development Plan stems from the vision of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah

United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates

UAE Vision 2021 was launched by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia



This document presents the comprehensive Economic Vision 2030 for Bahrain, outlining the future path for the development of our economy.

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